Copyright Definition and Violation

Copyright refers to a series of distinctive and exclusive actions that only the owner of that right may exercise and authorize.

Those actions specifically include:

  1. The complete or partial reproduction of any work or any other subject of the copyright (“Protected Property”), with or without modifications, of content by one or more WIGUP® site users;
  2. The posting or transmission of said content on or via the Internet;
  3. Its distribution or sale;
  4. Its translation;
  5. Its use for the creating protected works;
  6. The recording of a show or any other cultural or sporting event, music or song by third parties or you.

The execution of any of these actions is unlawful and opens the violator to legal recourses, specifically, injunction and damages, without the copyright owner’s prior consent to use the work or Protected Property.

The acquisition (purchase, loan or rental) of a copy of a work or Protected Property does not confer any right to use that work or property.

Copyright Subject

Copyright is in force on the following works and property:

  • Artistic works
    Examples: paintings, drawings, sculptures, engravings, photography, architecture, posters, illustrations and logos or visual configurations of trademarks
  • Dramatic works
    Examples: screenplays, plays, ballets, choreography, song, operas, films and television shows, advertising, animated films and compilations of dramatic works
  • Literary works
    Examples: novels, software, poetry, newspaper articles, TV schedules, legal decisions and compilations of literary works
  • Musical works
    Examples: songs, lyric symphonies, television or radio show identification and compilations of musical works
  • Sound recordings
    Examples: audio CDs and radio shows
  • Audiovisual recording
    Ex. : films, TV program, music video
  • Artistic performances
    Examples: singers, dancers, musicians and actors

Copyright Infringement Notification

If you see content on WIGUP® that infringes on your copyright, you must send us written notification in that regard containing the following information:

  1. A statement that you have found content on WIGUP® that, in your opinion, constitutes an infringement of your copyright;
  2. A description of the work or Protected Property to which you hold the copyright that has been infringed upon and the nature of that infringement;
  3. Your nationality;
  4. The title of the concerned content and the complete URL of its webpage;
  5. Your contact information (preferably e-mail address) so that we can follow up with the sender of the concerned content;
  6. The following statement: “I certify that the information contained in this notification is exact and that I am the holder of the copyright on the work or Protected Property described in this statement or that I hold an exclusive right that allows me to report an infringement of that right.”

You must sign the notification and send it to us by regular mail, e-mail or fax. You can affix your scanned or electronic signature to it.

It is important not to provide false statements. You acknowledge that you are entirely responsible for such statements and the harm and damages they cause to others.

You agree that the information included in your notification may be sent to the person providing the content allegedly infringing on your copyright.

Warning to WIGUP® members

WIGUP® members must respect Usage Rules to include works and Protected Property in their Contributions.


If you have any questions or would like to contact us about this copyright protection policy or inform us of a copyright infringement, please do so by e-mail at or write to us by regular mail at the following address:



375-375-A St. Laurent Boulevard, Ottawa, Ontario K1K 2Z7 Canada

Effective date and modifications

The above copyright protection policy goes into effect on October 28, 2010. We reserve the right to modify it at our sole discretion. WIGUP® members will be informed of those modifications through updates or a new copyright protection policy that we will post on WIGUP clearly indicating the effective date of each modification or new policy. That date will not be prior to the one posted online.


“Netiquette” herein is all rules governing WIGUP® member behaviour in their dialogues and usage of WIGUP® applications and games and includes their Contributions (defined under Usage Rules). Those rules are used to ensure that activities respect others’ privacy, image and copyright and maintain the security of WIGUP® members, their families and respective classrooms.

If your WIGUP®account is closed, you will no longer have access to WIGUP®, and we will not keep your previously sent or posted Contributions on WIGUP® that complied with WIGUP® Conditions. We will keep the Usage License and Waiver of Moral Rights to which you agreed with regard to those Contributions. That Usage License and Waiver of Moral Rights will survive after closure of your WIGUP account and will remain in effect notwithstanding the end of your membership. The license and the waiver are defined in Usage Rules.

Netiquette rules: All WIGUP®member dialogues on our site in the form of e-mails, Contributions, blogs or in the context of a discussion or forum must not contain anything with an effect or object of:

  1. Conveying any personal information concerning members (including but not restricted to address, telephone number, WIGUP®password and school name);
  2. Denigrating, attacking or harassing others or disturbing the peacefulness of others with malicious, mendacious, persecutory or aggressive words;
  3. Exposing others to humiliation or hatred or belittling a person or group of people based on their age, religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or any other reason whatsoever;
  4. Using, sending or posting crude, vulgar, obscene or malicious language or content;
  5. Encouraging or inciting the adoption of behaviour that is reprehensible or harmful to others’ health and safety (drug usage, addictions of all kinds, bomb-making, use of firearms or bladed weapons or threats are examples only and not an exhaustive list);
  6. Impersonating another person or appropriating others’ images, names, signatures or words without the consent of the concerned person;
  7. Spreading false information or rumours about others;
  8. Selling services or products;
  9. Using the letters, works or creations of others without the respective copyright holder’s consent.

Effective Date and Modifications: this Netiquette policy goes into effect on October 28, 2010. We reserve the right to modify it at our sole discretion. WIGUP® members, including the parents or legal guardians of WIGUP community minor members, will be informed of those modifications through updates or a new Netiquette policy that we will post on WIGUP clearly indicating the effective date of each modification or new policy. That date will not be prior to the one posted online.